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Guangdong SwiftMES Technology Co.,Ltd.
    Guangdong SwiftMES Internet technology co., ltd. specializes in r&d and sales of electronic factory MES system, WMS system and e-sop system (electronic work instruction) and supporting hardware, and provide SAP ERP import service.
    We provide comprehensive on-site execution system construction, technical consulting, system integration and operation and maintenance services for enterprises with strong research and development capabilities and advanced solutions, and help manufacturing enterprises to build intelligent factories with high quality, high efficiency and low cost.
   My company independent research and development of SwiftMES system, SwiftWMS system and E - SOP system, operation is convenient, functional and practical, has the mistake proofing, in the process of manufacturing execution trace, production control, quality management, sharing real-time production data, intelligent warehouse management,...



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The r&d team

Zhishuo Internet research and development team members have bachelor's or master's degrees or above in computer related majors, which provides strong professional technical support and logistics support for enterprises to carry out intelligent factory transformation in the age of industry 4.0.

Machine Interconnect

Through the independently developed data interface, the customer's various production and test equipment integration management, accurate acquisition of equipment operation data, production process parameters, product quality and equipment moving control, so as to streamline manpower and improve production efficiency.

System Integration

Our MES and WMS systems can integrate seamlessly with mainstream ERP systems in the industry to avoid information island and open up enterprise information flow.

Visual Management

Provide a variety of forms of electronic kanban management, data real-time update display, support TV, computer and other online view, realize the intelligent management of factory visualization.


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