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The era of production informationization is a sign of the progress of The Times. The high and low efficiency of production makes it possible for an enterprise to fall back if it does not advance in the era, which is the goal pursued by the era and the persistent pursuit of enterprise development. As for how to carry out the production mode of high production efficiency, SMT is the product of the ideological leap. SMT puts high production efficiency on the right track. In other words, how can SMT put the production mode of high production efficiency in one step?
Speaking of SMT, a lot of people back to associate server optimization, exception handling, which are the two aspects of technical problems, but the solution is very simple, regular training can solve the server optimization, exception handling, these two problems, then for different needs in different periods, as long as the product function upgrade, regular training can solve.
SMT execution is divided into five aspects: "person", "machine", "material", "method" and "test".
First person
The workers have real-time knowledge of wip distribution. Be able to trace and track the production site. It is transparent management of the production site.
Second chance
Realize real - time equipment productivity, running statistics and equipment error prevention. Effectively prevent the wrong material, wrong operation and wrong flow direction in the process of product processing. Provide real-time and accurate production unit performance analysis report.
Third material
Realize the anti-mistake and anti-stalling of materials, trace products through materials, trace materials used by products, and then trace materials supplier information.
Fourth method
Ensure that the workshop production process is carried out in strict accordance with the defined production process flow; Real-time quality control (heavy industry, detention); Simple production scheduling control.
Fifth measurement
Test and maintenance data can be input quickly and standard to facilitate subsequent statistical analysis.
In a word, the five aspects of the implementation of SMT include "human", "machine", "material", "method" and "test", which enable the production mode with high production efficiency to be in place at one step.

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