What are the features of SMT material error prevention syste

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SMT error prevention system for the role of the enterprise is to prevent feeding, there will be mixed and wrong material. Record SMT feeding information and production information, further improve SMT quality, and trace SMT production record. The enterprise played a role in the production of qualified rate, so that customers are more satisfied. And the operation process, simply said is through the bar code technology, scanning technology combined with the material station table. These SMT error proofing systems give the capability to correct the material by placing the coil at the correct station. What are the features of SMT material error prevention system?
First: low cost
The SMT material error proofing system USES PDA devices instead of traditional PCS, which are notoriously expensive and can effectively reduce input costs and save on electricity bills.
Second: fast implementation
Implementation is fast because it does not affect the production process and improves the production pass rate, and there is no too complex network wiring. No additional manpower is required for the SMT material error prevention system.
Third: simplicity
In the production workshop often appear small single, many single, frequent. Such a number of similar line rotation problems, affect efficiency, and the use of SMT material error prevention system is intuitive interface, simple operation. Training cycles are reduced and the key elements involved are not memorized by too many people.
Fourth: strong adaptability
SMT material error prevention system has strong adaptability, can choose to check all materials, can also choose to some of the materials. And both can solve the problem of substitute material scanning. It all depends on the system and the patch type of no.
Fifth: obvious effect
The use of SMT material error prevention system presents obvious effect, which can not only prevent human error in the process of operation, but also provide the material record query.

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