Development of MES system in manufacturing warehouse managem

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According to the requirements of the market, manufacturing enterprises are evolving into the trend of modernization, socialization and globalization. With four principles as the standard, multi-batch, small batch, on time, flexible delivery stage. The inevitable result of this phenomenon is the perfect warehouse management. It includes three aspects: reasonable inventory, reducing labor cost and customer-oriented service. MES system is one of the means to solve this problem. The role of MES system is to solve inventory disorder, inaccurate warehouse data, wide accounting gap, out-of-warehouse error and incorrect inventory quantity.
One: inventory chaos
When the inventory is in chaos, the MES system is used to perform the goods location function, and the goods location in the goods area is classified, labeled with their own labels, scanned by PDA, and matched by goods location. In this way, the goods are arranged in an orderly way.
2: reasonable
MES system inventory function, as long as the upper and lower limit value is set, if it exceeds or is lower than, the alarm will be automatically issued and the staff will deal with it in time. Reasonable arrangement of inventory.
Three: inventory problem
MES system can generate inventory table, scan goods, real-time data, transmission background, complete scanning, generate difference table. The difference in the number of materials is to the point.
Four: personnel problem
MES system has an intelligent strategy, which can guide the personnel to find the goods storage location and carry out warehousing work with high efficiency. MES system also has the function of performance assessment, which records the work of employees, improves the management, and provides rewards and punishments for them in one step.

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