What's wrong with MES selection?

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The development trend of manufacturing enterprises is rising greatly. The real-time collection of production, production scheduling efficiency, manufacturing traceability, performance improvement, quality assurance and so on have become the aspects that manufacturing enterprises attach great importance to. In such a severe information age, the birth of MES system plays a key role in these layers. In a macro sense, it can integrate the software and hardware technology for the information system of industrial automation equipment. Microscopically, it is the key technology connecting ERP and workshop management. However, many enterprises often misunderstand MES.
First, the lack of targeted, vague positioning
Enterprises are positioned after the demand, but the positioning is fuzzy, and there is often a lack of pertinence in the demand analysis. Target and demand fixed position, but target and demand are two respects for certain and be not an organic whole cannot conflate.
Second, proper IT should not be over-it
Everyone in the work, there is a standard position, the position is attached to the occupation. If excessive use of IT language is carried out in MES system type selection and requirement analysis, IT will lead to excessive IT. The consequence of this is that IT is not unknown to the identity of the principle. To properly exercise the IT language, IT and business people communicate. And the relevance increases dramatically. It enables engineers with certain software development capabilities to describe MES system requirements and make better decisions.
Third, seeking truth from facts is the real demand
Every enterprise is not the same, the depth of which are to be viewed in an objective perspective, seeking truth from facts can play a key role. MES has a feature feature feature module for MES system solutions, but does this feature template fit the needs of its enterprise as it goes? Know that the rise of every business is not overnight. During the development of the enterprise, time is money. Once the idea deviates from the track, will the enterprise's demand collapse? Therefore, the selection of MES system should be practical and realistic, so as to write a feasible functional template based on the real business needs.
Fourth, be eager to succeed without thinking twice
Can not be eager to, with the eye to see clearly is micro, but that is macro. Or that the pursuit of advanced functions such as APS can produce a macroscopic view. The correct approach of enterprises is to make every effort to eliminate the main contradiction in the selection stage of MES and solve the fundamental problems under the clear overall planning. Once in MES on the selection of success but not think twice, resulting in the need not, abandoned is perfect. In this way, we give up halfway and get twice the result with half the effort.
Fifth, the abolition of the current perfect management system, in order to seek a better management system.
At present, many manufacturing enterprises are based on ERP application MES system. But enterprises in order to strive for a better management system, the abolition of the current perfect management system, little do they know. The current management system is the most perfect and most suitable. Once the current management system is abolished, the situation is that the newly generated MES system is not mature, and it is difficult to adapt to the current development of enterprises. In order to make the MES system mature and suitable, the inevitable result is to increase the cost, manpower, material resources and financial resources of the project. So what's the right thing to do? On the basis of ERP application MES system, it is incorporated into demand analysis. According to the current application status of enterprise informatization, thinking is carried out to discuss the integration of key systems (such as ERP, PDM, etc.), so as to achieve the goal and mechanism of accurate integration and formulate the integration plan.
Sixth, do not pay attention to late maintenance services
The selection of MES system is critical, but the implementation, scheme and quotation are equally important. Without the support from these three aspects, MES system is difficult to ensure the value it can generate. Many enterprises attach great importance to the selection of MES system, but ignore the late maintenance service. In fact, the establishment of late maintenance services, to ensure that the MES project to create value.

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